Tag: Design

SCRUBBIO 8-in-1: Eco Multifunctional Magnetic Silicone Brush

Amazing latest generation of silicone Brush for Kitchen & Bathroom. Magic for your Daily Life. Durable to Preserve Nature & Save Money.

Revov Tray Box- The Effortless Organizer for Everyday Carry

With Magnetic Rotating Mechanism, it feels like the lid is hovering. This is the most effortless organizer for your daily essentials.

Hitch — Your Bottle and Cup Belong Together

Hitch is a full-size water bottle with a removable barista-approved cup hidden inside. Go zero waste & carry better.

Settra Series – Bag Series Made From 100 Recycled Bottles

Designed to enhance the way you carry for a more sustainable lifestyle.

CleanTouch: Antimicrobial Door Opener EDC

Avoid Direct Contact & Germ Transmission From Public Doors, Store Checkouts, ATMs, Elevator Buttons!

GREEN DISC | The cleanest chain care ever.

Lubricate your bike chain in seconds & protect the environment!

MagnetCubes-Modular magnetic blocks with dynamic marble run.

Using the power of gravity and inspired imagination, MagnetCubes is a fun way to relax and have fun.

Next Gen Filtration Mask With Botanicals

Australian designed, botanically infused, highly breathable, and reusable. Blocks over 97% of PM2.5.

Casamera: The Bathrobe, Redefined

A rugged, ultra-cozy upgrade to leisurewear for year-round comfort.

FinalWipe Reusable Sanitizing Wipes

Clean and sanitize at home or on-the-go with Final Wipe, our sustainable solution to waste less single-use paper products and wipes.